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Triron Cleaning Packages

Residential & Commercial

Triron Move-Out Clean Package

Tririon Services Company LLC provides the following services for our Move-Out Clean Service:

  • dusting

  • sweeping

  • hard floor steam clean and sanitation

  • vacuuming

  • kitchen appliance cleaning (interior and exterior, the self-cleaning oven is required to be activated or pre-sprayed with oven cleaner) and full clean

  • exterior cabinet cleaning

  • interior cabinet cleaning

  • kitchen backsplash cleaning

  • bathroom full clean (all bathrooms)

  • surface(s) wipe down

  • ceiling fans (if accessible)

  • air vents (if accessible)

  • interior windows (if accessible)

  • faceplate cleaning

  • baseboard cleaning

  • interior windows (if accessible)

  • wall touch up clean

  • door(s) wipe down

  • stair banister wipe down

Cost: $150 for the first 90 minutes and $50 for each additional hour (this charge depends on the size of the home. Please request an estimate).

Additional Services offered -  Please let us know if you would like to add additional services, we are happy to do so! Possible additional services offered:

- Carpet Cleaning (this eliminates calling another company, we do it all)

- Nanotech Sanitation (sanitizing the home prior to a new resident/homeowner moving in)

- Pressure washing (driveway, garage)

- Triron Move-in Touchup Clean

**Contact us through this website, email, or call for a free estimate and schedule availability**

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