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Triron Cleaning Packages

Residential & Commercial

Triron Gold Clean Package includes

Triron Services Company LLC provides the following services for the Gold Package Deep Clean:

  • dusting

  • sweeping

  • hard floor steam clean and sanitation

  • vacuuming

  • kitchen appliance cleaning (interior and exterior, the self-cleaning oven is required to be activated or pre-sprayed with oven cleaner) and full clean

  • exterior cabinet cleaning

  • kitchen backsplash cleaning

  • bathroom full clean (all bathrooms)

  • surface(s) wipe down

  • ceiling fans (if accessible)

  • faceplate cleaning

  • baseboard cleaning

  • interior windows (if accessible)

  • wall touch up clean

  • door(s) wipe down

  • stair banister wipe down

Note: The client is not required to be in the home at the time of the clean. We can call or text when the services are near completion. The self-cleaning oven features the night before the appointment is required to be activated.  


We add an organic freshener to your home, which includes a beautiful scent, sanitizer, and stain protectant.


1bed/1ba - 3bed/2ba: $350

3bed/3ba - 5bed/3ba: $500

5bed/4ba - and Up:     $700

Additional Fees: 

Furry Family Members (pets such as cat's and dog's): $50

Cleaning after a pet(s) takes additional time, effort, products, and care. 

We offer the following scheduling frequency of services:​

  • Bi-weekly

  • Monthly

  • As Needed

Additional Services offered -  Please let us know if you would like to add additional services, we are happy to do so! Possible additional services offered:

- Carpet Cleaning (this eliminates calling another company, we do it all)

- Nanotech Sanitation (sanitizing the home after get-together's, guests, etc.)

- Pressure washing (driveway, garage)

**Contact us through this website, email, or call for a free estimate and schedule availability**

Triron Cleaning Packages: Inventory
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