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Why Call Anyone Else? Just Call Triron!

Triron Services Company LLC has been proudly providing high-quality premium services to the Centennial area and surrounding communities during and after the pandemic.

What differentiates us from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our clients, and provide the exceptional, compassionate service they deserve. To learn more, simply browse through our site.

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Triron Services Company LLC Welcomes You

Conducting Business the Correct Way

Triron Services Company LLC believes in conducting honest business for their clients with integrity and honesty.

Triron Services Company LLC is insured, we're certified, approved and background checked through several prestigious companies, which builds a trusting relationship and comfort level while we are in your home.

You can feel relaxed and in good hands with a 'Mom and Pop' type local small business that focuses on the details, customer service, and making sure that their clients are satisfied with premium services, not how fast the job is completed or when the payment will be cleared. 

Why go to multiple companies when you can hire a company that does it all with care? 

We take pride that we treat our clients like they are family so why call anyone else?

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Triron Services Company LLC's Mission Statement

We are a focused organization committed to productivity and a winning environment while supplying our clients' first-rate service every time.

We believe that the client's needs always come first - and that means exceptional customer service and consistent results. Get in touch today to learn more about what we have to offer.

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Triron Services Options

Designed with You in Mind

We are a full-service provider, therefore we are committed to offering only exceptional services from all Triron service departments every time.

Click on your service of choice below and see all that we have to offer. If you have any questions or special requests, simply reach out, our team is ready to help.


Triron Cleaning Packages

Residential & Commercial

Triron Services Company offers (click):

  • Residential Cleaning

  • Commercial Cleaning

  • Industrial Cleaning

  • Government Contract Cleaning

  • Real Estate/Apartments/Condos

Hauling/Junk Removal/Illegal Dump Removal

Residential & Commercial

Unlike most companies who need to see the junk first, or has regional factor pricing, Triron Services Company does not. 

View our hauling page for additional information.

Triron Sanitize Package

Residential & Commercial

Sanitation is important, especially during a pandemic. Our Nano-Tech Blue Light Sanitizer Spray Gun targets airborne pathogens, viruses, and bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye.

Click the button below for additional information, pricing, and to schedule service.

Triron Pressure Washing Package

Residential & Commercial

Pressure washing assists in:

  • Cars

  • Driveways

  • Homes

  • Property Cleans

  • Dealerships

  • Windows

  • Balconies/Patios

Contact us for an estimate.

Additional Triron Services Offered

Residential & Commercial

Triron Services Company LLC offers additional services that cater to the needs of the community. Offering such services eliminates calling multiple companies when you can just call one...Triron!

Please click below to view the additional services offered.

Carpet Cleaning Services


Triron Services Company LLC offers carpet cleaning services for the residential industry. Please click the button below for additional information.


Request An Estimate!

Fair Pricing; A Triron Services Promise

To provide you with an accurate estimate, please give your information as well as your details (type or service request, date, time, etc.). We will respond shortly, thank you.

Thanks for submitting!


Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 9am - 6pm

Emergency Services Available: 6 pm - 10 pm (Contact For Details. An After Hours Charge Applies)

Sun: Closed


CDC Regulation's

Hi everyone! Triron Services prefers to wear a mask in every establishment so every client feels safe. Since the policy changes frequently, please don't feel offended. Our team is in different homes and establishments daily, therefore, we want to ensure that our clients are protected. So, we will be wearing a mask on every job.

For additional information, please read below:

The updated mask mandate states the following people do not need to wear a mask in the state of Colorado:

  • People who are 10 years old and younger.

  • People who cannot medically tolerate a face covering.

  • Children younger than 2 years old should NOT wear masks.

  • The statewide mask order does not require people to wear a mask if they are:

    • Alone in a room in a public indoor space.

    • Hearing-impaired or otherwise disabled or who is communicating with someone who is hearing-impaired or otherwise disabled and where the ability to see the mouth is essential to communication.

    • Seated at a food service establishment.

    • Exercising alone or with others from their household, and a mask would interfere with the activity.

    • Receiving a personal service where the temporary removal of the mask is necessary to perform the service.

    • Entering a business or receiving services and are asked to temporarily remove a mask for identification purposes.

    • Actively engaged in a public safety role such as law enforcement, firefighters, or emergency medical personnel that prevents the user from safely wearing a mask.

    • Officiating or participating in a life rite or religious service where the temporary removal of a mask is necessary to complete or participate in the life rite or religious service.

    • Giving a speech for broadcast or an audience, if the audience is at least 25 feet away from the speaker. The audience members must wear masks.

If you should have any additional requests, please do not hesitate to speak to one of us. 

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Our Client's Favs!

We are committed to providing only the premium quality of services for our client's. In doing so, they love all of our services but there are the favorites.

Click through the client's favorite services below to see all that we have to offer with a quick glance and contact us today to book.

Since we are so popular for providing premium services at fair pricing, scheduling is 2-4 weeks out but....we're worth it.

Residential Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Nanotechnology Sanitation (No More Germs!)

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Get in Touch

Triron Services Company LLC is committed to exceeding your needs. Do you need service and/or have a special request? We’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate, please reach out today!

Don't feel like calling? You can text as well! Text (720) 418-1172 and we will be happy to assist you.

PO Box 461738, Aurora Colorado, 80046

(720) 431-5329

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The Passion Behind the Business

While we do offer the best quality of services, what really makes Triron Services Company LLC great is our incredible team. Passionate, experienced, talented, and friendly, we truly have the best of the best. Get to know the people who created the business, who are dedicated to making sure your needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Not all team members are shown but it takes us all to make this company great!

Feel free to contact us by email with any questions or to schedule services today!